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The Big Tree



Their names are Tiphanie, Denis, Salem, Morgane, Yafit, Lakhdar, Véronique... and they live in the Specialized reception home "Le Grand Saule" in Montfermeil (France). They are multi-handicapped adults.


In a few months, they will move into their new home which they will discover though a series of workshops following the growth of the building site.. 

Moving out often means new beginnings, discoveries and excitement. For the multi-handicapped residents of the Special care home « Le grand Saule » it is not that easy. While their new home is being built in order to match perfectly their needs, theirpast residence represents a true home which  has hosted them for years. It is a reassuring place where they are used to live and leaving it can lead to a loss of marks, and worse to an abandonment feeling, and deep anxiety.


In order to make this transition smoothly, Marie-Odile, the architect of the new care home, organizes workshops to discoverthe site. Laying the first brick, taking a virtual tour, choosing the colors, glass-blowing for decoration... the residents do not miss a single step and even participate in the construction of their new home. 


The film follows these moments of sharing, joy, but also doubts and difficulties of daily life. The seasons pass, the workprogresses and the big day approaches. The stories of the members of the reception team punctuate the narrative: Iris, brave and outspoken, Mariana, gentle and exuberant, Stéphanie, who takes a step back as head of the department. With Marie-Odile as the conductor, always willing and full of ideas, they form a caring team whose primary concern is the well-being of thesevulnerable people, to whom we become attached through moving and amusing portraits, distilled like a red thread throughout this atypical documentary.

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