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10th Anniversary


12 young people who took part in a theater workshop recount memories of their teenage years in Paris and the suburbs, in the midst of a decade marked by many significant events.


In 2022, the Adolescence and Territory(ies) program, initiated by the Odéon-Theatre of Europe, will celebrate its 10th anniversary. Over a decade, each year, about ten teenagers from the northern neighborhoods of the capital and its outskirts (Paris 17th arrondissement, Clichy, Gennevilliers, Saint-Ouen, Saint-Denis) have participated, with the support of experienced directors, in the creation of a live performance work, presented to the public in the theaters of the respective territories. Since the second edition led by Jean Bellorini, we have had the opportunity to film this adventure every year, and we have thus witnessed the impact of this program on its participants, who are in the midst of constructing their identities at the unique stage of adolescence.



Each year, we have been struck by these young women and men, so different from one another and often far removed from the clichés that usually circulate about this age group. From our perspective, both external and intimate through the camera's lens, it seems clear that these young people have been profoundly influenced by this slice of life which, although it lasted only a few months, will likely remain deeply ingrained in their memories.



43min / 2022 / COLOR


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