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Allons voir ailleurs si nous y sommes



Our aim is to capture the effervescence of new collaborative artistic ecosystems, young artists from here, there and now, promoting cultural and artistic pluralism. 
How certain young artists, activist witnesses of these new times, are adapting, modifying and questioning their creative processes, initiating new artistic dynamics, particularly collective ones, which tend to instill and generate new ways of life and interact on tomorrow's world. 

Victimized by the perverse effects of globalization, contemporary art tends to erase singularities in a dominant trend.

Taking the pulse of emerging contemporary art scenes, following the journeys of young artists who, in the face of a difficult global economic situation, strive to generate other perspectives of a new "art of living."

In our contemporary societies undergoing profound upheavals and changes, art appears as a necessity, a vital field of experimentation, dialogue, and exchange.


« Allons voir Melbourne »

For this film, we wanted to go against the grain, to go to the other side of the world. The city of Melbourne, Australia, was an obvious choice. Between its European and Anglo-Saxon multiculturalism, this city has developed its own identity, a soul that some would say other Australian cities lack. 
But is it really an Eldorado?

An ambivalence arises between this urban culture—originally spontaneous, popular, and assertive—and the economic development of the city, which leads to a new architectural and identity transformation.

What particularly interests us is the model of "artists run spaces or initiatives," where artists create the conditions for sharing their practice with the widest audience. 

How does this work? How sustainable is it? Who are these initiatives aimed at? 
What regard does the general public have for young contemporary artists?
What role do institutions play in these new dynamics?


What about the collective approach? How can they be appropriated by the general public?

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