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The 11th edition is directed by stage director Tamara Al Saadi in collaboration with Camille Davin. They have selected 17 teenagers from the 17th arrondissement, Saint-Ouen and Gennevilliers, who will spend 130 hours rehearsing through weekend and school vacation workshops, before presenting a collective creation on Saturday June 3 at 8pm at the Odéon 6e, then on June 6 at the Espace 1789 in St Ouen and on June 8 at the T2G in Gennevilliers. 

But who is Antigone? At the time of adolescence, of entering adulthood, what does this mythological figure represent? How is she understood? Perceived?

17 actors from the Paris 17th, Saint-Ouen and Gennevilliers areas take on the figure of Antigone through the writings of Sophocles and Brecht, as well as Tamara Al Saadi and Camille Davin. Youth, injustice, patriarchy, racism and sexism are the main themes. 


Directed by Tamara Al Saadi 


4x 6min / 2023 / COLOR

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Season 11

Adolescence et territoire(s) is an artistic and cultural education program initiated by the Odéon-Théâtre de l'Europe in 2012, conducted in partnership with the Espace 1789, the T2G -Théâtre de Gennevilliers and supported by Vivendi Create Joy. For one season, twenty young people aged 15 to 20 from areas close to the Ateliers Berthier (17th) are introduced to dramaturgy and acting under the direction of artists. 

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